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TRC will be continuing to provide consultation support to IEP teams for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year through Zoom meetings.  These meetings are meant to provide team focused support for any student with assistive technology needs. 

Assistive Technology is required to be considered for any student receiving special education services and can include both high tech and low tech options to address a student's educational and/or communication needs.  It is often already a part of a student's program.  An IEP team may seek guidance in order to make the most appropriate recommendations or explore additional AT options.  TRC serves as a resource for all IEP teams in order to assist their IEP team to make and implement these technology options.  TRC can offer additional technology tools if needed as well as provide training and support to all IEP team members and their families.  We offer many solutions in order to assist IEP teams that include weekly Open Labs and Trainings; an AT Consultation is a focused team meeting with identified IEP team members, the student and his/her family whose purpose is to identify targeted technology supports to address identified student needs.

Assistive Technology Consultations must be referred by the school district of residence, and students are usually referred by their classroom teacher, RSP, SLP, OT or program manager. With each referral, one person from the school who directly works with the student should be identified as the "lead AT person" - this is the individual who is most familiar with the needs (not necessarily the technology) and will help ensure that all recommendations are implemented.  Multiple IEP team members can be identified for input; a Google doc will be shared with all identified team members and will serve as the report for all AT recommendations.

If you are a parent or outside consultant who would like a consultation, contact your child's program manager and/or classroom teacher for help in obtaining a referral. Additional options for you are to directly book an Open Lab appointment to explore possibilities in an informal manner. Please note that attendance at an Open Lab does not constitute an assessment, and is not included in a student's IEP.  Feel free to attend all pertinent trainings as these are free to all members of the community and address many of the needs and questions that we see often throughout our districts.

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